• At Dataset Level - Go to the Edit Dataset page. Navigate to the ‘Global Configs’ tab. In Original Data Config section, there is a default config. In the default config all the attributes will be available for original data view. Edit the Default config and unselect all the ID’s and Keys columns, you want to hide in original data view. These keys and ID columns will be hidden from all the reports and dashboards in the said dataset. 

  • At Report Level - On the report builder page, click on the ‘Advanced Settings’ link. You will navigate to the ‘Advanced Configurations’ pop up. Under the ‘Data Point Click Configurations’ section using the ‘custom’ radio button under the Original Data View sub-section, customize the attributes, which should be visible in the original data config. Once you click on the ‘custom’ radio button, ‘Customize Original Data’ pop up will be visible to you. You will have to customize the original data config for the particular report.  

(Note: This config will be applicable for the particular report only.)